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Hookist is a social SONGWRITING EVENT where music legends & rising stars collaborate with die hard fans, hard core musicians & YOU to write original songs together, line by line!

Submit your best lyric, inspire your favorite artist & test your creative chops against a whole community of seriously talented folks.  WRITE A SONG WITH US!                                        

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Inspiration |  From Meredith & Terry


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And we have a KILLER new songwriting collaboration starting soon!
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In the meantime, check out the amazing compliment Hall of Famer Jermaine Jackson gave us!

Listen to the the fab songs we’ve written with some of the coolest artists out there at
Hookist Songs!

And watch The Sisterhood sing the gorgeous song they wrote with us to send personal solar lights to disaster-ravaged Haiti!

And click  Play Now to see all the amazing lyrics that you guys wrote!

-Meredith & Terry

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