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“The future of music.” Rory S.

“What a brilliant idea.” Tim A.

“The bucket list item that never occurred to me till it happened!” Ray L.

“My first published song… thanks to Hookist & Brad!” Daniel E.

“Addictive!” Jerry B.

“A THRILL! I haven’t had this much fun writing in a long time!” Chuck D.

Community Song!

Inspiration |  One World

Music brings the world together!
So let’s write a song!

Since we’re all home doing our “social distancing,” let’s make the most of the magic of the internet & write a song together, on our own, as a global community!

Sign up now & join the fun!

The theme for our song was suggested by Hookist extraordinaire, Ralph Harris, tho everyone submitted ideas along the same lines – great minds!

Given the stress of this crazy time, it will be FREE to submit lyrics, and votes will determine each winning line!

So vote, comment and invite your talented friends to help us write this song!


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