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“The future of music.” Rory S.

“What a brilliant idea.” Tim A.

“The bucket list item that never occurred to me till it happened!” Ray L.

“My first published song… thanks to Hookist & Brad!” Daniel E.

“Addictive!” Jerry B.

“A THRILL! I haven’t had this much fun writing in a long time!” Chuck D.

Darden Smith for SW:S

Inspiration |  "I'll Carry You"

This holiday season, we give thanks to our veterans and the brave men and women who serve with a global songwriting collaboration in support of an organization that speaks directly to the Hookist soul.


SW:S pairs veterans and active duty military and their families with the “Olympic athletes of songwriting” to write songs, helping the entire family voice the stories, fears and pain that inevitably result from life at war.

We are honored to welcome acclaimed singer-songwriter and SW:S co-founder Darden Smith, and the entire SW:S community to Hookist.

We could not be more proud to write a song with you.


70% of the profits from the collaboration and 80% of the profits from the resulting song go to SW:S.


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