Paul Williams • Hookist

Paul Williams

Hi, I’m Paul Williams and I’m a recovering alcoholic with long term sobriety. 25 years, the best 25 years of my life for sure.

On October 4th, you’ll find me in Washington DC, on the Mall with 1000’s of other recovering addicts.

Unite To Face Addiction is organizing a march to celebrate our recovery, to put a face on our recovery and hopefully reduce the stigma and sometimes unnecessary shame that goes with being in recovery.

You know if you’re going to have something this monumental, you gotta have a song to go with it, you need an anthem for people to sing. That’s why I’m here.

I’m a songwriter, but I’m not going to write this song. We have a beautiful melody but we want the words to be yours. If you’re a recovering addict, if you’re a loved one of an addict, if you’ve lost someone to the disease of alcoholism or addiction, we would love to have you be involved in the writing of this song.

Come join us!

- Paul

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