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Reach Out & Touch Somebody!

We’re gonna write a poem together!
That means we need all you guys out there to submit your words, your passions, your feelings, and day by day and line by line, we’ll create a poem together that will evolve into a spoken word piece and an original song!

In my partnership with The Campaign to Change Direction our goal is to help people who are in emotional pain, and the theme of this piece is “Reach Out and Touch Somebody.”

So, if you know anyone in emotional pain, what are the ways you can reach out and draw them in? Or if you’re living in silence and experiencing emotional pain, what are the ways you might be able to open up and talk to somebody?

  Think of all the cool metaphors, ideas or personal experiences that tie you to this theme and submit them - but be sure to check out the Song In Progress first to build on what’s already been established!

And learn about the 5 signs of emotional suffering here!

A portion of the proceeds from this campaign will benefit The Campaign to Change Direction and other amazing charities listed below.


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