Peppy Castro • Hookist

Howdy, Hookists!

I am stoked to be the key master of this collaboration. One of the things that I’ve liked to do in my career is to come in thru the backdoor and break some rules. So I’m going to be politically incorrect and the tentatively titled song is “It Ain’t Just About You”. This comes from the rebel in me and people saying you can’t use the word ain’t. It can be about anything, maybe some of you have been in relationships where you have been real caretakers or givers or your partner turned out to be a narcissist and it’s all about them all the time.  I’ve got a bunch of chords and a bunch of ideas and I will share with you some of the things that I have learned over the years.  We have an open palette and we are going to paint ourselves a picture. Good luck, lets keep it real and have some fun!!

- Peppy

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