Mackenzie Morgan • Hookist

Mackenzie Morgan

Hello everyone and welcome to Hookist!

I’m so excited to write a song with all of you!

I usually like to start with a title and a hook, and I’ve been playing around with an idea and the title "Son Of A Witch". I think it’s really funny.

I like humor and I like to see how weird I can get,  get away with it, and put it in a song. So let’s be crazy as sometimes the most random ideas can be the best ones.

It could be your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone that you are really close to that you thought you knew who turned around and stabbed you in the back. And you wonder how did this all start? Why are you so evil?

Interestingly I have found that most of the time the people that are mean get it from their mother!!

Let's go!!!!

- Mack

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