Spin Doctors' Chris Barron • Hookist

Chris Barron

So… all of you and all of me are going to write a song TOGETHER!

What's gonna happen is we're just going to go line by line or in this case, couplet by couplet, cause I think a big element of a lyric is the rhyme. You can make a line better by just having a really cool, surprising line. So submit your couplets and I’ll choose candidates for the 1st line and proceed that way for the rest of the song, giving you guys some feedback along the way — and together we’ll write a song!

So, I was thinking this morning, after drinking WAY too much coffee, that a good theme would be “I’ve got nothing to do, but I’m always frantic” so why don’t we start with that -  I think it’s a great theme  for the 21st century!

I’m really looking forward this, I’ve never done anything like this before, so let’s get to work!


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