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Darden Smith

Hello out there in the world.

Thanks to the good folks at Hookist, I'm leading an online global songwriting collaboration!

You contribute the lyrics, one line or couplet at a time, I'll choose a winner every Thursday or so, and then we'll write the next line. I'll come up with a melody that fits and we'll build a song together!

This song is going to benefit an organization I co-founded 7 years ago - SongwritingWith:Soldiers. We use collaborative songwriting to foster creativity, connections and strength, and we do this by bringing veteran and active duty military members (and their families) together with professional songwriters to write songs based on their stories of combat and the return home.

So let's get strong together, get connected and combine our creativity to make a great song.

The theme of the song will be "I'll Carry You". That might be the title unless someone comes up with a better one.

It'll be grand -

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