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Almost 10 years of remission for me! "Looking up" is what I call this photo; and it's also a phrase I would use to describe my perception on life. When I started chemotherapy, I decided that life was too short to do anything other than what I loved. Music was what I loved, how I lived and what I felt.

And I want to share my love of music with you to help some amazing kids who are having a tough go of it. Kids who are battling life-threatening diseases.

Help me write a song to give these amazing kids their one true wish.  $0.29 cents of every $0.49 lyric submission will go to Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee, so start writing now!

I'm going to perform our Song-In-Progress AND live stream it at the Writers for Wishes Concert on November 1 in Nashville!  Mark your calendars & get your tix now!

I know how hard it is to be a kid battling a deadly disease, and I also know we can make a difference.

Submit your best line starting Monday 10/22! I'm so excited to see what you submit!  And love love love today! #magic #singandbeheard



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