Make A Wish

Song ON October 22, 2018

Song OVER November 28, 2018

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Verse 1

She smiles and greets another day, tells us everything will be okay


On her side is strength and grace, to help her fight all she’s got to face

Tasha Vach


She’s had more life than she’s had years; drank in hope to drown those fears/she still believes



In a wish in her heart/ that the light will outshine the dark


Cause there’s fire, inside of her/ every day it shines brighter/ she’s a fighter

Jody Stewart-Regner

Verse 2

She says it’s the simple things/ that gives her faith for what life’s gonna bring


She knows what she’s gonna find in her silver lining

Jody Stewart-Regner


She’s got her scars n’ wears ‘em proud/ she knows exactly who, she is now

Jody Stewart-Regner

This song is now complete.
Listen to Kalsey sing the gorgeous “Fighter” and stay tuned for our next collaboration. Can’t divulge who yet, but it’s gonna be sumthin’!!
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