• Doppelganger, known and nameless

    18 responses to “Doppelganger, known and nameless”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Congrats, Ray 🙂

    2. Daniel Evans says:

      This is great. Feels nice and punchy for the chorus

    3. Tod Hughes says:


    4. Ray J. Lonsdale says:

      I LOVE this. If someone told me I’d be collaborating with Brad I’d have said they were crazy. Thanks again, Brad, and thank you everyone for your kind words.

    5. M. Ocho says:

      Well Lora one day we will discuss our strange experiences!

    6. Walker Todd Davis says:


    7. Walker Todd Davis says:

      On my stupid phone again I meant to capitalize the ER and Rea

    8. Walker Todd Davis says:

      Fantastic ray

    9. Anonymous says:

      I recall, as I looked at her medium-brown face, that she, indeed, reminded me of my OWN mother…yet, in a younger state. We talked for a few minutes, hugged, and never saw each other, again.

    10. Anonymous says:

      Mary Anne – I once popped in to the J & M Cafe, at 1st Ave. and Washington St., in Seattle, just to use the restroom, while waiting on a bus. As I walked toward the bathroom, and reached for the door handle, a lady of mixed descent, (black/white), was coming out, and she freaked out, putting her hands over her face. I had apologized for accidentally grabbing the door, as she had already had it, upon exiting. She started to cry, and said: “Well, no…it’s okay…..it’s not that. YOU LOOK JUST LIKE MY MOTHER, who died just one year ago, today.”

    11. Robert S. Hall says:

      Congrats Ray. I think we all were expecting to see this one again. 🙂

    12. M. Ocho says:

      very nice!

    13. Jerry Brace says:

      Congrats Ray!

    14. M. Ocho says:

      Really nice line Ray – Congrats on the shout out Ya – how many of you have been mistaken for others or someone swears they saw you at the mall or somewhere?- I have experienced that a handful of times – Id be completely creeped out if I saw myself though.

    15. M. Ocho says:

      Ya – how many have had people mistake you

    16. Walker Todd Davis says:

      OMG i was going to post , someone please use the word doppelganger hahhaa love the word but couldn’t fit it in nicely. good job Ray !

    17. Meredith Collins says:


    18. Hamish Clarke says:

      i like this one a lot, Ray

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