• But when I’m feeling sure and clear

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    1. keithcurtis says:

      Thanks Patricia!

    2. Patricia Aubin says:

      Ok, I will resubmit more ideas to be sure. Thanks again for your help.. Love your music btw. Really great. 🙂

    3. keithcurtis says:

      Hi Patricia. I just saw your modifications. I think the problem she was having with it was that “sometimes…” is a mouthful. You might have a listen to the video again, but that was my take. Just two cents.

    4. keithcurtis says:

      I think the comment section would be sufficient, but to be sure, I think I’d say it in a post as well. Being sure is never a bad thing!

    5. Patricia Aubin says:

      Hi Keith, I did resubmit but didn't write that note. Can I do that in the comment section or it has to be in the post?

    6. keithcurtis says:

      Forgot to tell you to resubmit whatever you decide you like best and note that it is a change that Beth suggested. You may have already done that, but thought I’d say it anyway. Congratulations!

    7. keithcurtis says:

      Absolutely. Great work!

    8. Patricia Aubin says:

      I like when I see (or when I feel) the truth so clear… the shine word is hard to say right after truth… Thanks so much, I'm submitting some lines now.. 😊👌👍

    9. keithcurtis says:

      Just a few more for ya. Enjoy working the line to your satisfaction!

      “But anytime the truth’s so near”
      “When I find the truth so clear”
      “When I see the truth so clear”

    10. keithcurtis says:

      No problem. I’ll keep thinking about them. Take all the inputs you get and put together what works best for you. Hate to sound cliche, but it’s your truth!

    11. Patricia Aubin says:

      Thanks, will do..! And please feel free to share your ideas of changes for that line. I've seen a few suggestions already. I appreciate that you offered them though, very considerate of you. 😊👍

    12. keithcurtis says:

      I believe that you get credit for that. Check with Meredith to be sure. Email info@hookist.com and ask them to put your mind at ease. Welcome to the community!

    13. Patricia Aubin says:

      Hi Keith, that's very kind of you. I'm new in the songwriting community and I'm a little confused right now. My lines disappeared. I think Beth might have used only the word "truth". She wrote this line. I wrote "Everytime I follow my truth". Do I get the credit anyway? Just want to make sure it's not a mistake…

    14. keithcurtis says:

      Hi Patricia, Beth suggested that the line may need to be easier to sing. I had some ideas so I thought I’d pass them along. All yours if you want them, pass on them if not. Congratulations on your selection!:

      Ideas for: Sometimes when the truth shines clear “Anytime the truth shines clear” “When I see the truth shine clear” “When I feel the truth this near” “When I see the truth shine clear” “When I know it’s truth this near” “If I see the truth shine clear” Mostly the same idea, just a bit less of a mouth full.

    15. Patricia Aubin says:

      Thanks Kevin, this song is incredibly close to what I'm experiencing so I'm really feeling it..

    16. KevinOsborne321 says:

      Patricia, filled with emotion. Real. ☺

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