• You can’t fake that 1st love feeling

    5 responses to “You can’t fake that 1st love feeling”

    1. Karly says:

      Thanks Clay 👍👍

    2. Clay Mills says:

      Interesting. Didn't see that coming. I like the idea of first love. Have to think about why we would introduce the "fake".. but could be over thinking it. Will come back to this 🙂

    3. KevinOsborne321 says:

      Karly, not on instagram. Will look into it. 😃

    4. Karly says:

      Hey Kevin, thank you for the kudos😊

      I'll take a look. Are you on Instagram? You can message me directly if you'd like, my user name is: millenialjukebox

      I love to collaborate (part of what makes Hookist so darn addictive)! 👍👍

    5. KevinOsborne321 says:

      Karly, like the first love you can't fake. Well done! 😃Karly, when you get some time I'd appreciate it if you looked at my edited lyrics in the comment section under the lyric that's there. I focused more on the romantic aspect of love. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it. I'm new to writing country music, but I'm giving it a go to see how I do at it.

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