• 10 responses to “Some want to love, some want to hate / Let’s get this right, there’s no time to wait”

    1. M. Ocho says:

      I’m voting for Dan Herman’s suggestion of using the first part of Pauls line as a/the Pre Chorus and Kathryn’s line as a/the Chorus – not because this respects both lines – but because they sound great that way

    2. Meredith Collins says:

      We’ve got a tie!

    3. G.T.Edwards says:

      I like the idea too! And Paul, you crack me up!

    4. Paul Goerke says:

      I would agree with your thought about the pre-chorus being about urgency and the chorus being about what the better way is. You should resubmit your Gotta Step Up line from the previous round. You could be the peanut butter to my jelly or the cream to my Oreo.

    5. Sassafrass says:

      I was thinking it would be interesting to split these up – make 2 pre-choruses I guess? Then the 1st chorsu could be about urgency and need to find a better way and then what the better way is? No idea if that is proper song structure, but it’s making sense to me right now!

    6. Sassafrass says:

      Hmm…I better go find that!

    7. Wally Peters says:

      cool paul – really good!

    8. G.T.Edwards says:

      Nice Paul!

    9. Paul Goerke says:

      I like G.T.’s suggestion from the previous round to have Sassafrass’ Gotta Step Up line from previous round go with mine. I think it would work well in between my 2 lines here.

    10. Paul Goerke says:

      Resubmitting my line from previous round with an additional line to go with it.

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