• Tangled in pride

    3 responses to “Tangled in pride”

    1. PCam says:

      Not so many words to use to describe a peron's type of pride, but is according to a persons feeling of the situation.
      I could only think it may fit to say, if hiding or holding back feelings.. it may fit to say… Verse 3…..The words I waste/Veiled in pride.
      Also if you are trying to say you are trying to shine a light of pride to someone, could maybe try… The words I waste/A lantern of pride.
      Good luck choosing.

    2. PCam says:

      Ok, I'll work on it. Cheers for feed back.

    3. Beth Nielsen Chapman says:

      "Well we can scream and shout,
      hurting one another
      Wrong or right

      all that fits great…then its a bit harder to sing…

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