• Reason and rhyme

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    1. PCam says:

      Thanks Keith and GT. I shall continue to keep an eye on the site to see how things progress. Yes and asking Meredith and Terry is a good idea too. But the wheels grid slow at times, and we may all look forward to seeing who the next artist is. Cheers.

    2. G.T.Edwards says:

      Hi. The song will be recorded and a video will be posted when it is ready. When it will be posted depends on the schedule of the artist and also on where the song is being recorded, either independently by the artist, or at Hookist's studios. You are right Keith, there is a lot going on right now, so it may be a minute or two. In the mean time we, the aspiring lyricists, relax and sit back until the next artist is announced. Cheers all!

    3. keithcurtis says:

      Hi PCam. I don’t know for sure either, but I believe that Beth is working on recording the song, the Hookist team is working on the lyric book and probably working on or completing details with the next artist up. They are also working on the song critique class (classes) that Beth might do, so I think a lot is going on, it just may be a minute or two before we see it. That’s just what I think. To be sure, you could email info@hookist.com and ask Meredith and Terry if they have any news they can share yet.

    4. PCam says:

      Does anyone know where things go from here now this song is done. I presume others are waiting to see the next artist we can help design a set of words with. I am.

    5. G.T.Edwards says:

      Thanks Merilee!!

    6. Merilee says:

      Congrats on your chosen line!

    7. G.T.Edwards says:

      Thank you Keith and PCam! Congratulations to you as well!!

    8. PCam says:

      Congratulations, fantasic!

    9. keithcurtis says:

      Many Congratulations!!!

    10. G.T.Edwards says:

      And…thank you for your advice!

    11. G.T.Edwards says:

      (we) can't lose all

    12. Beth Nielsen Chapman says:

      oohhh…"reason and rhyme" is a good rhyme…but the "it" in the line before it is vague. Better off saying something that sounds more like "before we lose all reason and rhyme" ….but then you got to get that to fit the melody!!

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