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Username: Linne
North Carolina
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They'll force her fetus to go to it's womb and stay there nine whole months But there's programs, shelters, medicaid, drug rehab, and a free school lunch
I've kept my protests buried deep inside, and let others rock the boats/ Well, brother, believe there's about to be an explosion in my soul !
I never know when I leave home if I'll make it back or not/ Road-rage maniacs with smokin'guns could leave me dead to rot..
It's my own body, my own choice, I won't let you take away my rights/ Unless you want to arrest every man who refuses to be condomized!
We recall a time when peace prevailed without such crime and violence/ Now our world's being shot to hell, and we can't stand by in silence..
( At what point in time..which year...what day..which moment. with whom...where would we choose to go back and do life over?) If Only Life Had a Reset Button
You're glued to my mind like an old Kodak photograph.. Stuck there in my album , my favorite memory.. Never a day goes by without thinking of how I loved you, and how you loved me..
Go Treat Yourself Bad, See How it Feels
There's a Song About Us in This Guitar
Need Some Help With My Self-Help
Things We Could Learn on Front Porch Swings
Someone's Serendipity
Never Trust Trust
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!
Hard to Be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World
If This Ain't It, That's It!
I Was Right Here All The Time (Traveled 'round the world tryin' to find myself)
Dancin' on the Edge of Disaster
Sorry..That Number's Been Changed
Walking on a High Wire (loving you is like )
Sometimes our life feels perfect, other times it's one big ugly mess/ Don't make dropping out an option, living is always a work in progress
Now this moment in time waits for you and me, nobody else / I believe in your strength to unleash the power to save yourself..
But, if you let go, you can't take it back, there's no second-guessing/ You're unique, the only living one of you..a precious limited edition
Now this moment in time waits for you and me, nobody else I believe in your strength to unleash the power to save yourself..
All of Heaven must be watching from way on high Knowing your time to go is not meant to be tonight...
What if stars finally lined up like you always wished they would.. Problems that once felt so huge turned into something good..
Instead, broken loved ones will all gather there/ Crying tears of pure sorrow over your empty chair
Instead, loved ones will face the broken link they cannot mend/A mother will offer God her life to have yours back again.
Please stay, just a little bit longer, til you feel a little stronger/ Just until the light of day, and the dark clouds drift away..please stay.
Those who never deserved you filled your life with sorrow/ But those losers only win if you give them your tomorrow
I watch your knuckles turn white on the rail from tightening your hold/ and I pray that you know deep down in your soul that you don't wanna let go...
You might wish I hadn't seen you as your end of life nears But, I did, and I'm here for you whether it's seconds or years
Your whole life is at your mercy now, you know It's your choice, but could we chat awhile before you go..
I sense your troubles heartaches and burdens that left you standing on this ledge/ I promise you there's help and hope..please step back from the edge
Let me open my heart and my arms to you I'm offering you someone to confide in..
Things haven't been going right for you, have they.. Can we talk a little... maybe find out what's behind it?
I sense that you're feeling hopeless, unheard, misunderstood...I'm going to stay right here with you, if you wouldn't mind it...
Magic in the Air
If At First We Don't Succeed...
Just So We Know....
Near and Here for You
A Song for Everyone
Togetherness Again
Be the Difference
From Raindrops to Roses
Somewhere Between Horizons
Sharing My Sunbeam With You
Reaching for the Sun
The Art of Giving, But Never Giving Up
Sharing Our Rainbows..
Catching Rainbows
This Just In !
If You Can Dream..
The Climb
Hello, World
Islands of Life
Walls between us come tumbling down when we show we care While friendship bridges rise from the rubble lying there..
You've been through the worst of hard times, no peace to be found I wanna be the friend you need and help you lay your burdens down.
Am I someone you'd want for a friend..I'm aware of just where the truth lies.. Would I like who I see if I could see me through your eyes..
One word, one promise, one action can break two people apart.. One word, one promise, one action can mend a broken heart
Breathing your name, whispering a prayer, smiling when our eyes touch Just knowing your precious heart is still beating is perfectly enough..
Seems it was I who'd locked the door to my heart so carelessly.. I was so wrong.. please forgive me and help me locate the key
So many poems, rhymes and eloquent lyrics arrive at one simple thing.. Brains can forget, but our hearts still hum love songs that we all used to sing
Tell me, what was it like when you were young? Were you your mama's favorite one? Did you become what you wanted to be? Do you know how special you are to me?
I breathe your name, whisper a prayer, and smile when our eyes touch Just knowing that your precious heart still beats is perfectly enough..
We all hold our own beliefs, closely guarding our positions Yet we're the only ones who can erase the lines of division..
If my arms could reach around the world, they would.. So many of us needing hugs, and to be understood
No matter where on earth we are or how far We share the same dreams, still wish on the stars
Togetherness can be relearned if we just keep tryin'...
Let's not delay until too late to mend painful divisions Remember, every single one of us is a limited edition...
Your voice is music pumping through my veins, with fire burning in my brain/ Together we are stereo, no longer monotone..
Up I go....feeling weightless like a feather in the wind/ All it takes is your voice to lift me high and then, my world feels right again..
Up I go..feeling weightless like a feather in the wind/ All it takes is your voice to lift me high and then, my world's alright again..
Ahh, You've set my soul on fire now, you best just come on round/Sure better wear your dancin' shoes, cuz we'll be gettin' down..
Baby, let's let it go, let some happy show, let everybody know /We gonna shake it up good like we should, yeah, gettin' down..
Need to set myself in the middle of a hot rhythm sound/ Wanna let the feel good fill me up some place where they're gettin' down..
Need to set myself in the middle of a hot rhythm sound/ Wanna let the feel good fill me up somewhere where they're gettin' down

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