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  • Sally Morgan literally wrote the book on contemporary vocal technique –
    Sing Like You Speak™. SLYS™ is specifically designed to restore the effortless singing that is natural to all people-making your singing powerful, joyful and free. Sally is highly respected worldwide as the go-to voice trainer.

    There is a revolution happening with contemporary singers. It used to be that they thought voice training was unnecessary. They would change their minds when they got vocal damage and came to me in a panic.

    Now contemporary singers tell me that they do realize that voice training is not only good, it’s absolutely necessary to their vocal health and to their careers.

    “But I don’t want to sound trained! I don’t want to sound like an opera singer. I want to sound natural – like me (only better).”

    I completely understand, having studied with opera singers for many years, and not getting what I needed as a contemporary singer. That is why I developed Sing Like You Speak™. I needed the same type of training so I could sing freely and easily without sounding affected or “classical.”

    Here’s a video with some great voice training that will not make you sound “trained.” And who can resist that thumbnail? ;~)


    Want more information on Sing Like You Speak™? Visit SingLikeYouSpeak.com

    Note From Hookist: Sally is a wonderful supporter of Hookist and the music community in general, and she is generously awarding the Most Valuable Hookist in each song a one month free membership to SingLikeYouSpeak, the best online singing program on the planet!  Thanks so much, Sally!


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