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I always watch the videos doubly - In case I miss a subtlety - As per our Captain Natalie - End your lines with "silently" - Or at least with words that rhyme with "me"! - (Click on "Watch" in WINNERS' CIRCLE at the top of page) ---- Concerning feedback. Here are my thoughts I was inspired to write last week but never posted as this is long winded. Some points have been expressed by others long ago but not for a while as far as I know. Sorry if some this seems obvious but it wasn't all obvious to me when I got involved last year -(1)- Read the comments in the "WINNERS' CIRCLE" - twice! -(2)- Watch/listen/read The Artist's video/notes - twice! (I find that it's easy to miss crucial stuff) -(3)- Copy all the chosen lyrics into a Notepad/TextEdit and start writing right underneath where you can always assess how your line fits/makes sense with what is already there -(4)- If necessary use online resources - eg - dictionary/thesaurus, "rhymes with ??", "ends in ??" -(5)- THAT being said - We are all, largely, read but unheard voices amongst ourselves here - even those who have been involved from the beginning - and of course texting is never the same as knowing someone and speaking face to face - YET - there is such a special unique intimacy in writing lyrics from our hearts and sharing them - immediately! - whether they directly relate to the song or whether you feel like sharing an occasional Comedic Break - Hookist is like a virtual "Dead Poet's Society" if you will - My experience is that it can sometimes be challenging to be myself and express my sense of humor, while being careful not to offend within my comments regarding someone's Art - so I do it sparingly unless I'm full of beans that day - I often make a fool out of myself - (yes it's true) - for as Jerry wrote recently - "My words slip out before I pause to think. Sometimes I’d do better by putting them to ink" - (that doesn't always help either when I'm convinced something I'm driven to write is a really good idea but in reality may not be - like this essay for instance) - BUT, the Hookist community is very empathetic, giving and protective - Noone involved is in any way an average person - If anyone wants more detailed feedback from others, just ask and ye shall receive!- I'm always open to feedback and collaberation - If I agree with a suggestion, I say so - if I don't, I explain why without taking any offense -(6)- Take every opportunity to give Jerry Brace, Walker Todd Davis and Dan Herman a hard time. - Cheers! Mary Anne Ocho

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