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Hi Gang - Just want to let you know that there were many, many people who submitted MANY of the same lines or parts of the same lines as other people in this last round. We reviewed ALL lyrics that were even similar to the lines Beth chose and if the line was submitted EXACTLY as Beth used it, then the first person who submitted it that way won. If Beth used a variation on a concept, then the first person who submitted that concept won. So please feel assured that we reviewed every line and even double-checked. That said, the goal at Hookist is to submit UNIQUE and thoughtfully crafted lyrics. If you submit a lyric using the same common phrase that 20 other people submitted, then your chances of winning are significantly lessened, but more importantly, you are missing the opportunity to grow as an artist! Yes, great minds do think alike so people might mistakenly submit very similar things, and that's totally understandable. And fine-tuning is an important part of songwriting -- but is it more exciting to write a totally cool and unique line of your own or to win by tweaking someone else's totally cool and unique line? Just food for thought. Hookist was envisioned as an opportunity to stretch yourself and craft something really special and we hope you will feel free to do that. cheers, meredith & terry

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