• We lit that summer on fire for sure, girl, yeah

    4 responses to “We lit that summer on fire for sure, girl, yeah”

    1. Jody Stewart-Regner says:

      Thanks guys! ❤️ Kevin, sorry for not responding- I’m on a cruise and just jump in quickly to submit 😉

    2. kayly says:

      Congratulations ! Awesome line, Jody ❤️

    3. KevinOsborne321 says:

      Like the imagery, Jody. 😃 When you get some time could you take a look not the first message of lyrics submitted, but the ones in the edited ones in the comment section. It's i believe three different ones with the last edit, I'd appreciate you looking at and commenting on. Thanks! 😃

    4. rebecca.7387 says:

      Love you wouldn't take back:)

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