• a flicker in the dark

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you, everyone! And congrats to Tam and JennRiley! Wow!

    2. nonnairene says:

      Hey, Renee !! So pleased for you, it’s a fab line to end the bridge with…you all smashed it! JennRiley and TAM ..Congratulations:)

    3. Meredith Collins says:

      Congrats to you, Jenn!!!

    4. JennRiley says:

      Congratulations, Renee!

    5. Meredith Collins says:

      I love watching everybody cheer each other on! It is so beautiful!!!

    6. TAM says:

      Congratulations on the winning line, Renee.!

    7. PCam says:

      Congrats Renee, great line!

    8. Anonymous says:

      Burns a tiny spark / shimmers (or flickers) of soft light / reveals in the dark / the notion that I might / might just / might be right

    9. svogelbaum@msn.com says:

      The revisions you made at Beth's suggestions improved your lyrics and they connect better in the song.

    10. Anonymous says:

      I have made revisions and submitted based on your recommendations, Beth. I am so grateful for your input. Thank you!

    11. Anonymous says:

      Thank you, Kevin! 😀 I am hoping that she chooses at least one of these lyric lines!

    12. KevinOsborne321 says:

      Moving, Renee.

    13. Anonymous says:

      Thank you, NonnaIrene! That word does seem to fit very well within the lyric! 😀

    14. nonnairene says:

      Great stuff Renee, love all of it. I’m finding it hard not to use the ‘S” word…just feels to fit right..wish you luck.

    15. Anonymous says:

      Burns a tiny spark / soft shimmer (or flicker) of light / reveals in the dark

    16. Anonymous says:

      Thank you, Meredith!

    17. Anonymous says:

      There are tiny sparks / soft flickers of light / reveals in the dark

    18. Anonymous says:

      There are tiny sparks / soft shimmers of light / reveal in the dark / the notion that I might / might just / might just be right

    19. Anonymous says:

      Thank you, Beth!

    20. Beth Nielsen Chapman says:

      yes we are having a lot of the same words…but there is only one perfect way to organize them! accents HAVE to be on the right syllable. Everyone is being great about using the 5 syllables but for instance "A flicker of Light" the "A" is accented in the melody. so that sounds awkward. It would fit better just saying "flicker of light" but then you are less conversational —same thing with "is a" starting the first line. Pulls at the seams. but I LOVE "tiny" and "spark" together in the line. how can you get it to sing better?

    21. Meredith Collins says:

      Love it, Renee! And no worries if you happen to use the same word as someone else. Only so many words rhyme with each other and some are definitely more exciting than others, so folks will naturally gravitate towards some. Great minds, as they say. What's MOST important is what you do with the word to make the lyric your own. The goal here is to craft the perfect line for this specific part of the song. That said, if it comes down to just the word being chosen and the specific lyric not being used, the line will be credited to the person who submitted that word, in that context, first. Please see Hookist Golden Rules & FAQs at the bottom of any page for more on common phrases and general ideas or concepts. Hope that helps! cheers, mc

    22. Marianne Murdock says:

      Love this first line… I think several people have used this word.

    23. G.T.Edwards says:

      Hi Renee. I just realized I submitted a lyric similar to yours. It was totally unintentional, as I often submit before I see what everyone else has submitted. What can I say, great minds…

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