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  • How To Combat Stage Fright

    Linda Glick is an actress and singer (AEA, SAG, AFTRA) who has been teaching Voice and Vocal Production for over 25 years. She is the founder of LGlickVoiceworks, devoted to all aspects of developing, improving and mastering the voice.

    Let’s talk about STAGE FRIGHT. Do you “freeze” up before an audition, performance or speaking engagement? Does it feel as if you can’t breathe or have a tennis ball in your throat? These are all symptoms of STAGE FRIGHT. So, let’s take a look at how to deal with this…

    First, breathe low…hang over and hug yourself and let the breath drop in. Release the tensions in your shoulders, back, neck, jaw and face by jiggling, shaking, moving, bouncing. Loosen everything up. Then stand up slowly… roll your head, swing your arms. Get the breath moving. Shrug your shoulders and YAWN!! Hum. Sigh. Breathe in deeply through the nose and out through the mouth. Keep the body as fluid as possible. Move shoulders, head, jaw, tongue gently.

    Second, avoid dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar before a performance. HYDRATE!

    Third, put your focus on someone or something else. Take your focus OFF of yourself!


    Nurture the 3M’s:
    MIND: mind/body
    MIDDLE: Solar plexus/diaphragm
    MOUTH: Lips, tongue

    Banish 3 More M’s:
    MUSCLING: use the exercises above to keep muscles loose
    MASTICATION: don’t grind your teeth!

    1. Hydrate Well w/ Lots of Water (add lemon, if desired)
    2. Use a Neti Pot to gently wash the nasal cavities
    3. Apply Vaseline to Teeth and Bite Tongue GENTLY to counter dry mouth
    4. Visualize a positive outcome!

    “True emotion rides on the wings of breath and on sound waves reverberating
    through the magnifying caverns of the inbuilt resonators of the body.”
    Kristin Linklater

    LINDA GLICK has a thriving private practice in Manhattan and offers private classes and workshops in Singing, Vocal Production, Audition Preparation and Public Speaking.

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