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Username: ReachPeopleMusic

Band: Country Brew

From: Texas

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Publishing: Reach People Music (RPM) ASCAP Songwriter

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  • The Great Gary Lucas
I turn off the world of impending doom/Sip my red wine and watch the harvest moon
The energy of life smiles warm upon my face/As I grow cold I miss that moment I cannot paste

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Stolen moments hide deep inside my heart/They fight the battle of love and strife I call art
Sometimes my life is a hurricane/Landing all sevens or up against the end game

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Light years away in my alien past/I reached for a moment I could not grasp

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She tipped her Havana shades in my shadow/Her lavender eyes were aglow/Yellow turned red started my brain tossing/Stranded like a Unicorn in a Zebra crossing
My sinking heart sways like a fallen leaf/Detached it battles the wind of grief
Caffeine water splashes down my insides/Waking up empty heartbeats that hide

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I beg, I borrow, I often steal a smile/I walk, I sorrow, am I a crooked tile

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