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I'm running from the pain, it shows on my face/ those words from you could change this pace... I forgive you.
I said, you said, then we fell apart, both of us left with a hurting heart
Gonna soar over every mountain that gets in our way, bringing light to Haiti, bring light today.
Sending light, sending light, sending the light, sending light to Haiti, Let Haiti rise.
Sending the light, sending the light, sending the light/ sending light to Haiti, let Haiti rise.
While dreams are working their magic and love is the seed/ we're planting the future, lighting the needs.
Gonna soar over every mountain, that gets in our way/ gonna make some changes, send light today.
No timid reservations, we're focused our plight.
What about OUR future? The kids ask with hope in sight.
the dreams, the goals, that we hold on to tight.
to territories unknown, but we're not losing sight.
Watch us soar, we're focused on the plight/ gathering dreams, swooping past strife, we rise!
Armored with love, we continue to fight! We'll rise.
Piercing the shadows as we destroy their plight.
We'll dance again from dusk to dawn.
We'll sing chants of Love to break down the walls.
Give us a rainbow, a beam so bright, light our way as our wings take flight.
Sistahs and brothas feeling the light, rising up to higher heights.
Let the light break through every crack til it's bright as the sun.
We are fierce, forgiving the past, and looking to tomorrow!
Starting over is a challenge, and what doesnt need to be changed can be improved. We recognize the challenge and ask for grace to restore the lost in this great move.
Gotta start somewhere, why not here? So much to do and the plan is unclear. Courage to take the first step towards a better future is near.
Haiti, we feel your pain, forgive us, and let us work together to bring back your royalty.
Haiti, a diamond in the rough, waiting to be polished to show it's brilliance and luster. Your time has come.
Now that I have your attention...I just want to rest. Rest from turmoil, strife, anger and deceit; can I just have that?
Forget the rumors, look into my eyes and see the real pain. See?... I told you.
I wanna trust again, been knocked down so many times, help me, I'll be your friend.
I am the same as you, with dreams desires and hopes; let me show you my way.
Gimme a rainbow, a promise of a new day, a new life, and a new way.
Once you've been "There", your story is concrete; Help others with their story so you both can feel complete.
When you just cant seem to usher the strength to smile, say "I'll smile tomorrow". Now you have something to look forward to.
History has a way of repeating itself: I choose to be positive, therefore that energy is amplified exponentially.
How did I get here! This emptiness is not my destiny! In surrendering, I realized I'm empowered to change it.
The thought came to me, "Why am I still here?" I cried out to heaven and the answer came. "You are Loved".
Don't tell me where I've been/ I already know. Be happy with me now and just let me grow.
Step by step/ higher and higher/ I'm feeling so empowered, and all I had to do was...let go.
Totally committed to work this out, I didn't sign up for this but without a doubt, I'm gonna make it.
What will it take to get you to see, I'm here for you, like you were always there for me.
You see that? You made it through. Surprised? Not me, with your amazing self, you always do.
looking back, during those empty days of blue, You...were my inspiration, my reason for breakthrough. Looking forward, what can I say, but, I'm looking forward, really ....looking forward to today!
My strength is coming back, darkness took me for another whirl, Armed with Love and Grace, I'm lifted from that upside-down world.
As I look in your eyes, that sparkle, it's back, I cried when you lost it, but now, my heart has no crack.
Been a while since I looked in a mirror, so amazing to see that glimmer. There is hope.
Moving forward; and now that I have spoken my initiative, what direction is that?
This openness thing, I don't know. So, I did it, and looked around and there they were. You too?
If I let you lead me, where will we go? If I trust in my heart, then I will know...ahhh, much better.
This moment is where I am, I chose to be matter. The next moment will reveal if I've learned what was taught.
There is the sun, I reach out to feel your warmth, engulfed in in your brilliance, I try to reach farther; only to be reminded of this bed of concrete I fell into when a gust of wind decided my destiny.
Smile, smile, smile...wait! Smile again. Making sure there is no evidence of the dark well you were just in. Yeah, that should do it, cover it well; who would have thought, who could tell?

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