Paul Bryon Bellamy

Username: Iammyself

From: Conway, SC

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I have never been in a band, but my two best friends and I used to perform songs at weddings and other get-togethers when I was a teenager. I have been writing song lyrics and poetry since I was a kid, but have never tried to get anything published or recorded. I relish the chance to show my skills here in this forum! Can\\\'t wait until the new colab begins! A little more about my background. I have seen firsthand the ravages of mental illness, and the effect it can have on a family. My mother, may she continue to rest in peace, suffered several nervous breakdowns when I was a kid, and tose episodes stay with me, and deeply impacted my life. I talk aboyt this, as well as other subjects, in a book I co-wrote with my cousin Miguel Bryant entitled: \\\"Brotha2Brotha: Da View from a \\\'Brotha\\\'s\\\' Perspective\\\" published by PublishAmerica in 2008 (now America Star Books.)

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