Chris Barron

Username: Chris Barron

Band: Spin Doctors

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  • Chris Barron - Spin Doctors
ok, gang! i'm gonna shut you down. no more submissions while i pick a title...
hiya boys and girls. time to pack in the submissions for now. i'm going to start going through them now...
wow. i just saw meredith's note that i'd be starting at 7:30... she's making me look super punctual!
all righty, kids. let's knock off the submissions for now. i'm going to start checking out your work!
hi, boys and girls! i'm back from roma with a brain full of art and wine and architecture! so no more submissions because i'm going to start going through your lines!
ok, gang! no more submissions. i'm going to get to work right now drinking coffee and going through your submissions. if they're anything like they've been, i have high hopes that they're going to be terrific.

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