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Trending Lyrics

What are Trending Lyrics, you ask?

Trending lyrics are the most exciting, talked about lyrics at Hookist this round!

Trending lyrics reset when the featured artist chooses a winning lyric and a new round begins…so submit your lyrical miracles ASAP when each new round starts & you may soon see your name at the TOP of the The Charts!

Lyrics that resonate the most and receive lots of comments have:

  • a meaning that packs a punch & is relevant to the theme of the song
  • clear, powerful images
  • strong points of view
  • a message that pushes the story forward
  • a cadence that works with the rhythm of the music and/or corresponding lines

How are Trending Lyrics points calculated?

Points are determined by a proprietary algorithm with a series of weighted factors including:

  • Who made the comment
    • comments you make on your own lyrics have value
    • comments made by others have more value
    • comments made by the featured artists have even more value
  • Ratio of comments to likes (star icon)
  • Detailed nature of the comment
  • Position on The Charts
    • as your lyrics get more comments & move up to higher positions on The Charts, they generate more points than when they are in a lower position
  • Modifiers are evenly applied to avoid ties

The algorithm is proprietary and more details are not available because, sadly, people do try to game the system. With this feature, we’re looking to foster authentic communication and meaningful feedback that makes us all better songwriters!

What can I do to get more feedback & comments on my lyrics?

Good question! And we’ve got 2 BIG pieces of advice for you!

First, write one line or a couplet. We are living in a fast-moving, 280 character world. Long lyrics get exponentially FEWER comments and votes than one liners & couplets, and they are rarely chosen.

Second, spread the love! As the saying goes, you get more LOVE when you GIVE more love! Everyone loves thoughtful feedback, so tell folks what you like about their lyrics! Give ’em details! If you can define what you like about each one, you will fine-tune your own skills, which benefits both you and your fellow Hookists!

*PLEASE NOTE:  Your comments should ALWAYS be supportive, encouraging and constructive. Anything to the contrary will NOT be tolerated and we reserve the right to vote mean people off the island. Seriously. See our Terms & Conditions for more on acceptable behavior, but basically, your goal should be to SPREAD THE LOVE. :~))

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