Duwendé • Hookist


Music: Duwendé
Lyrics: Joe Brow, aditikatoch, Ddubs, keithcurtis, Merilee,
M. Ocho, Renee814, G.T.Edwards, silverclimber

Getting’ Down

I’m a little out of practice since the world hit the wall
My feet just sort of shuffle like they have no soul at all
I keep on stumbling, don’t know how to break the fall
My spirit is shattered but the music goes on

My heart is barely beating, feels so heavy like a stone
But my pulse begins to quicken when your face lights up my phone
And I start to find the rhythm and the song comes into view
I’m on my way to find it on my way to you

Now I’m racin’ for the dance floor, cause I know that’s where you’ll be
Looking pretty as a picture in a high-end gallery
Gonna hit the boards together, groove with everyone in sight
Electrify the music, with the magic we ignite

So turn on the radio pump up the sound
’Cause it’s time to sing time to dance it’s time for gettin’ down

They say being apart makes you stronger
But I can’t take it any longer
How strong does one man have to be
We can’t let this year break us
These are the times that make us

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