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Beth Nielsen Chapman

Watch Beth sing the gorgeous song she wrote with the Hookist community!

(Song starts at 1:23)
Music: Beth Nielsen-Chapman
Lyrics: Beth Nielsen Chapman, PAGIRL, Mav1302, Gailla, mwriley2 MariaJack, Steve Huff, keithcurtis, Greg Litt, PCam, JennRiley, Ralph Harris hookman, kayly,Joe Minor,brYan_S, TAM, Joe Brow, PatriciaA, athenawp, Merilee, ColleenL, Bjorn, nathan music, DanBroad444, Renee814, G.T.Edwards

Never Gonna Change Your Mind

Well, I’m never gonna change your mind
No matter what I do or say
And even when there’s no use trying
I’m always gonna love you anyway

No, I’m never gonna change your mind
Really should have known it from the start
Maybe that’s the reason why
I’m aiming for the middle of your heart

Oh the words I waste tryin’ to win you over
Lose my faith tangled in pride
I could stomp and pace argue til the end of time
But I’m never gonna change your mind

Still I try, try, try

Life is kind of strange these days
Everybody’s in a tug-o-war
Buried in the games we play
The truth will come and open up the doors

Yeah we’re living in a world of fear
I can take the bitter with the sweet
But when I’m feeling sure and clear
How can I agree to disagree

So I unfold my map draw a little picture
Prove my facts turn on a dime
Build my bridge straight across the great divide
Cause I’m never gonna change your mind

But I try, try, try

But in the middle of your heart hidden out of sight
A tiny little spark looking for the light
A flicker in the dark notion that I might
Might just might be right

So it’s me and you in this world together
Push and pull reason and rhyme
Love rings true even though my heart’s resigned
That I’m never gonna change your mind

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