Sasha Dobson "Distance" • Hookist

Sasha Dobson “Distance”

WATCH Sasha perform an acoustic version of the GORGEOUS song she wrote with the Hookist community!

Music: Sasha Dobson
Lyrics: JoelHamilton, Bluntkid143, Galeygrl, G.T.Edwards, SashaDobson, Wally Peters, Apresmoi4, SmileyLizard


A thousand feet above from where we first met
They say time and space could take it all away

What is space when our bodies intertwine
It is the distance that lives within our minds

Rise with the tide to where the sun won’t set
Introduce promises we never met

Lost in emotion the remnants of a dream
Plucked from a memory where things aren’t as they seem

Golden, golden, golden, golden

Moonlight sing to me twinkle in your eye
Hold me closer with everyday gone by

Sun slowly sinking
Journey we are on
Can’t take it with you
We’ve known all along

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