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A Note From Vernon

Hi everybody!

I’ve been busy working on the music and it’s really coming right along. Just wanted to give you a quick note to say I have picked a winning line from M. Ocho“Above all (else) – get understanding” for the first part of the chorus.

As I was singing it in the shower (one of the best places to sing). I had thought about the simplicity of the line and then music came out very naturally. So I’m going to tweak the line and just say “Above all, get understanding.” It just sings better. You’ll hear what I’m talking about tomorrow.

Shout outs to G.T.Edwards lines… “and, with words, comes understanding” & “The things you say, light my way, understanding”. Also to Kathryn Simova…“Understanding- the greatest gift of all/ The heart breaks to get bigger/ Stronger with each fall.” So true.

So musically the chorus is going to be a total 4 lines. I need two more lines in between the main lines.

It will sing this way…
Above all, get understanding
10 syllable line
Above all, get understanding
Summation Line

Ok great stuff….and you’ll SEE me tomorrow with a preview of what I came up with the music so far!

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