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Brad Roberts

Incomparable bass-baritone, 3x Grammy nominee,
10x platinum singer songwriter of Crash Test Dummies

Brad screaming sketch

Lyrics by Brad Roberts, Jerry Brace, Robert S. Hall, Ray Lonsdale, Sarah Lopusnikova, & Daniel Evans.  Music by Brad Roberts & Terry Derkach.

 “Disposable Words”
Lyrics by Brad Roberts, Jerry Brace, Tod Hughes, Brian Hassett, Walker Todd Davis, Daniel Evans, Jessica Delfino, Shefik, Mary Anne Kent, Hamish Clarke, Jared Lekites, & Dougalicious.  Music by Brad Roberts & Terry Derkach.


The Bros. Landreth

3x Juno nominated singer songwriters & masters of the 4 part harmony.

TBL 4 against brick wall BW 2

“Can’t Go Back”
(song starts at 1:10)
Lyrics by Ellen Reid, Dan Herman, Kathryn Simova, Tod Hughes,
Mind TheGap, Daniel Evans, GTEdwards
Music by Joey Landreth.


Paul Williams & Kasim Sulton

Paul, an Oscar, Grammy & Golden Globe winning songwriter, & Kasim, an all-star bass player, wrote this first ever crowd-sourced ANTHEM to support Facing Addiction’s concert & rally on the National Mall with 10,000 people singing along!


“Voice of Change”
Lyrics by Paul Williams, Paul Anacki, Roberta Smithline, DinaMarie29 & EsDee727.
Music by Paul Williams, Kasim Sulton & Richie Supa.



Ellen Reid

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter of 10x platinum Crash Test Dummies

Ellen Reid BW at piano smile

Lyrics by Ellen Reid, Dan Herman, Kathryn Simova,  Jerry Brace, GTEdwards,
MJ Frith, Wally Peters, Walker Todd Davis & Tod Hughes.
Music by Ellen Reid.

“How Much More”
Lyrics by Ellen Reid, William, CMG, Jerry Brace, Jen Tobey, Kathryn Simova, Daniel Evans.
Music by Ellen Reid.


Gary Lucas

Master guitarist & Grammy nominated songwriter;
Gods & Monsters, Captain Beefheart;
co-writer of the landmark album, Grace, with iconic singer-songwriter, Jeff Buckley.

Lucas on stage chalk

“Dance of Destiny”
Lyrics by Gary Lucas, Daniel Evans, Dan Herman, Mephistopheles, Jerry Brace, Heather Alexander (SkyAle), Dougalicious, Mary Anne Ocho, D’Arcy Debrett, Ichabod and Maya!
Music by Gary Lucas & Terry Derkach.

Natalie Gelman

A  modern day troubadour and just plain ridiculously talented singer-songwriter.

Natalie on a rock
“Unopened Letter”
Lyrics by Natalie Gelman, Jerry Brace, GTEdwards, MJFrith, Pamby1,  Tod Hughes, MichaelSean, Dan Herman, VictoriaLyn & Songirl.  Music by Natalie Gelman.

Sasha Dobson

A amazing scat singer and part of the hot trio, Puss N Boots,
with Norah Jones & Catherine Popper

Gorgeous white Sasha.cropped

“Gold Dreams”
Lyrics by Sasha Dobson, Joel Hamilton, Bluntkid143, GaleyGrl, GTEdwards,
Wally Peters, Apresmoi4, SmileyLizard
Music by Sasha Dobson

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