Intro to Hookist • Hookist

Intro to Hookist

Hookist is a collaborative songwriting experience
where celebrated artists BLOW THEIR FANS’ MINDS
by writing original songs with them
…from the comfort & safety of their own homes!

Part masterclass in songwriting. Part powerful promotional tool.
100% deep & authentic engagement.

For well-known artists, Hookist creates:

  • a lucrative new income stream
  • an AUTHENTIC way to engage with fans AT SCALE, while building incredible fan loyalty
  • original content designed to go viral, boost socials and grow fan bases
  • an original song fans are emotionally invested in & will likely buy & share

AND Hookist converts casual fans into SUPERFANS who actually BUY music (!), pay for VIP and Patreon experiences & become very vocal grassroots promoters!

Hookist is also a powerful way to raise money and awareness for charity!


Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Jermaine Jackson: 
“Having everybody to come together like this, come together as one…
you can create peace through this…Incredible.”

How Hookist Works

Here’s how Hookist works in 2 minutes from many of the artists who have led our collaborations including:

  • Legendary songwriters like the great Paul Williams & 42x platinum Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin
  • Multi-platinum artists Spin Doctors, Crash Test Dummies & Gary Lucas
  • Nashville Songwriters Hall of Famer, Beth Nielsen Chapman & 16x ASCAP winner Clay Mills
  • Hot up & comers, The Sisterhood, Kalsey Kulyk and more!


7x Platinum-selling artist, Chris Barron of Spin Doctors, sums it up:
“What I loved about the Hookist experience is that Hookist itself is this intense idea engine. You have all these ideas just coming at you! You make a video and you’re like, “Ok, guys, here’s the idea for the song,” and then… all of a sudden, in front of me, there are like 100 ideas for the first line of the song!”

Step By Step:

  • The artist chooses a theme for the song and announces it in a very casual and quick iPhone video (see The Sisterhood’s Inspiration Video below).
  • Fans submit 1-2 line lyric ideas based on the theme. Other fans check them out, comment and vote.
  • Once or twice a week, after reviewing the submissions and engaging with a few fans (like on Twitter or IG), the artist chooses the next line for the song and announces it in another iPhone video (see The Sisterhood’s Winner Video below).
  • The videos are meant to be casual, fun and easy for the artist
  • Chosen lyrics can be used verbatim, they can be tweaked, or they can be used as “inspiration” for something else. Or the artist can send folks back to the drawing board, so they are never stuck with lyrics they don’t love!
  •  The goal of the Winner Videos is to give fans insight into the creative process – so the artist can explain what they like about particular lyrics, give direction for the next line, and share melody ideas or potential chord changes, so fans really feel like they are behind the scenes and a part of the songwriting process!
  • Day by day and line by line, we build an original song together. And when the song is complete, the artist chooses an MVH – Most Valuable Hookist – who wins artist swag and other promotional items.
  • Artists are welcome to record an acoustic version of their song at Hookist Studios in New York City at no cost or they are welcome to record them on their own!
  • Hookist also has an award-winning video team and we try our best to get beautiful videos shot for the artists and their songs also at no cost! Check out the beautiful videos we shot on location for:

Learn how Hookist works from the fans’ perspective!

The Sisterhood Inspiration Video


The Sisterhood SING “We Rise” &
Name a Most Valuable Hookist


What Do Fans Say?

  • “The bucket list experience that never occurred to me till it happened!” –Ray L.
  • “That’s some addictive platform you got there – 20hrs is about the longest I can stay away!”  —Jerry B.
  • “The future of music.”  –Rory S.
  • “How cool is it to have your Brad sing lyrics you wrote — I can only imagine!” —BC Bell
  • “What a brilliant idea.” —Tim A.
  • “You have created a really unique, intimate platform for artists to interact with their fans.” —Dan H. 

What Do Artists Say?

Hookist artist thumbnails 1400

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Jermaine Jackson:

“Having everybody to come together like this, come together as one – you’re dealing with the world and it goes to show you, you can create peace thru this…You’ve brought everybody together on one accord…Incredible.”


7x Platinum Grammy nominee, Chris Barron, of Spin Doctors says:
“I am at a point in my life where I’m interested in giving back…and I know how great it feels to write songs…The Internet is a troll warren….[but] Hookist is such a mature use of social media. It’s a positive and friendly experience, and that drew me to it.”

Doing well by doing GOOD

Legendary Songwriter, Paul Williams leads
global songwriting collaboration for Facing Addiction

Rooted in the belief that we all “do well by doing good,” Hookist frequently partners with artists to raise money and awareness for the causes that are closest to their hearts. We have partnerships with such socially conscious global corporations as The InterContinental Hotel Group, and with charities like St Jude Children’s Hospital, The Campaign To Change Direction, Third Wave Volunteers, & Facing Addiction, and we’ve written songs to support disaster-ravaged Haiti, addiction recovery, cancer research & care, and mental health.

Writing songs with fans fosters a powerful sense of LOYALTY,

Legendary guitarist & Grammy nominated songwriter, Gary Lucas:

“There’s no better model than Hookist
for pure one-on-one relations between artists and fans.
What better fan experience can you possibly achieve?”

3x Grammy nominee, Brad Roberts, of Crash Test Dummies:

“The most surprising thing about writing this song is how much I learned by having to work the lines given to me. I did things I wouldn’t have thought of – both in terms of metrical schemes and rhyme schemes. And although I was not surprised to get good material from the fans, it has turned out to be exceptional. Many of them are evolving as writers before my eyes, and it is a privilege to be able to share my knowledge with people who really and authentically want to participate. The submissions have all been very meaningful, and that folks are willing to put their own lines out there under the microscope shows great courage on their part. I thank them for it. I highly recommend this experience to any artist that has the chance!”

Juno winner, Joey Landreth, of The Bros. Landreth:

“What a cool and exciting thing to be a part of… very special – a really killer experience and we love it!  The song is REALLY good.  Thank you to everybody who submitted lyrics and contributed to the tune.  I’m really proud of it.  Thank you so much for being a part of our beautiful song, “Can’t Go Back”.

Meet Hookist’s Founders on FOX-TV’s Good Day Street Talk

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