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From: Southeastern Michigan

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  • Clay Mills
Gave you all the space and time you asked for/then you stole my heart and rode into the past
I raise my whiskey flask oh then I close my eyes oh I can taste the past
Sometimes I wonder why we let go/yeah well some mistakes ya gotta own woman your my no regret zone/ I'm speaking facts
I hear your wild sweet laughter echo/ One of the gifts you gave me girl that save(d) me that I'll always have
I'm good at finding ways to miss you/you're good at pulling me into the past
"You Were My First Rodeo" (not visually alliterative, but when you say it, three defined "r" sounds)

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Romance Like the Rio Grande
"Margarita Memory/ies"
"As Far As Juarez"
Standing Still

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"Time in Texas"

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(Some Thing Are) Meant to Remember

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"A Thousand Words"

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Getting Past ElPaso
A broken heart is a miracle/it's never really empty

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Here's the pictures of you etched in my memory/Blue eyes shining in the sunrise like you knew what was meant to be
I once told myself if I ever saw you again/I'd fall apart like I did when you walked away back then

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