Username: sincerescribe

Band: Sincere Scribe™

From: Boutte, LA

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About Me

Need inspiration? Sylvia Green (Chatman) a.k.a. Sincere Scribe™ is the woman for the mission. Endowed with creativity, she utilizes her God-given talents of writing, graphic design, music, and speech to uplift, disperse knowledge, and promote excellence. In doing so, she has published two books, Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems and Gift of Life: Inspirational Poems, contributed poems to five Gumbo for the Soul anthologies, and owns and operates the graphic design studio, Diva Designsmith, LLC. Some of her common themes include faith, God, dreams, family, love, etc. In her poem, "A Single Lifetime," she states, "If I can manage, to influence someone, a significant deed I shall have done."

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