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  • Eric Stuart
Even when we need a moment / that minute to catch our breath. / Our hearts won't stop a second / our hope has never left.
We face it step by step, / on days both bad and good. / You and I will never give up, / that's how we've always stood.
Don't turn back / Stay with me / Side by side / We'll succeed
Staying by your side / we've been brave from the start. / Sharing hope with one another / lets us speak from the heart.
We'll build on these moments, / the history that we've shared. / This friendship that we've made / gives us the strength to go ahead.
Strengthened with this love, our hearts are strongly tied. / We're facing this together, now side by side.
We're standing our ground, and we're doing our best. \ We're standing together, so let's face what's next.
Let's stand together / we have each other. / The journey is hard / but we're growing tougher.
Taking these steps on your own / it's better when you're not alone.
Tired of drowning in these lonely thoughts, / just reach out and you won't fall short.
Emotions are high and low / your energy gets flatter. / Thinking of what will happen / in life's next chapter.
Your plans all broken / the future's turned blurry. / So frightening to process / your thoughts and uncertainty.
Tight feeling in the chest, trapped by words that can't be expressed/Breathe in, breathe out/And we'll face together the questions to what's next.
Whatever works for you in this grey weather/I'll listen/We can take small steps to push forward together.
What might happen now?/It'll be something we can try to overcome/What to say now/I wish it didn't happen to you - wish it didn't happen to anyone.

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