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Ranger Jim

Username: Ranger Jim

Ranger Jim

Username: Ranger Jim
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  • Unite To Face Addiction
  • Peppy Castro
  • Mackenzie Morgan
Together We are One, Standing Tall. Brothers and Sisters heed the Call.
(Edited previous Line) My Brothers an Sisters It's time to walk tall, shed the shroud of Shame, stand with us , heed the call. We who share this affliction, see us now united as we are recovering from Addiction.
My Brothers and Sisters it's time to walk tall, shed the shroud of Shame, stand with us , heed the call.
I'll be strong, but I'll lean on you when there's a need. No more shame,hear my name, I am Free.
Lift Me up, set Me free, help me find the will to be all I can be.
But I won't be your whipping boy, I care too much just to be your Toy.
Don't get angry Girl, You know I'm on Your side.
And I wanna come along for the ride.
Better listen up Girl, I might find someone new.
Maybe you don't want a one man crew.
It's all about staying true
You think lookin' good is all you need to get by.
You and your uptown BFF's are all the same and that's a shame.
I'm not chasing your heart break, not even gonna try.
You can't be all that an attitude I just can't buy.
You've got that gorgeous face and Mona Lisa's Smile.
You couldn't get over your self, so here ya go slick, back on the shelf.
My one regret's a heartache I can't forget
But your lies and alibis were more than I could let slide by.
You're a heat taker, love breaker, back stabbing son of a witch, and I am so gone you premadonna.
You're a heart taker, love breaker , the good in goodbye and now I'm gone.
It's a brand new game, I"m not afraid 'cause this Girls' not gonna be played.
Now I'm through with your lies and alibis, color me done, gone, goodbye.
You can't write me off, don't even try, that door closing is the sound of goodbye.
You're a want I really didn't need, a wasted wish because of my greed

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