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Username: MrsKaufman
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Its hard to keep my thoughts at bay/my mind just wants to slay me everyday
Me seeing a future without you / Is the hardest thing I've had to do
Staring at the old gray wall /Trying to stop my mind from a fall
With you I thought my life was made/Now the days are long and feel like a giant maze
You should go and sing and dance/Because you don't always get the chance
I feel free/As the weeks pass by me
I just want to slay/With each passing day
The sun rises in the morning and sets in the night time stands still for the morning also will
The future is the future the past is the past enjoy your time in the now before it's your last.
When I sit there / thinking of the past
And you cannot deny The days will always pass by
The way it keeps going / has my brain in a lock
Staring at the wall Ticking from the clock

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