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  • Vernon Bush
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  • The Bros. Landreth
I've been numb for far too long, I thought I'd never heal
Take life for granted, regret is your fate/Miss the moment, how long will you wait
Sometimes it takes a while to make it to the dawn/ Sometimes you have to trust you're ready to move on
Chasing shadows, spinning my wheels/ Going nowhere, I know how that feels
There's chaos in the kitchen, dishes in the sink/ but I've got to slip away to think
Can't Go Back
Clock of My Heart
They say that time will heal me/ I'm not sure that it's true/ But I'm trying to find the strength to make it through
I used to cling/ to anything/whatever good we had/ But memories/ of "used-to-be"s/ can't save a love gone bad
And other than our memories, there's nothing to reclaim
But there's nothing here that's different, it's just the same old game
It's not for lack of trying, there's no point in laying blame
We venture down the path unknown and dream of what may be/ But coming home is what means the most to me
We venture down the path unknown, and dream of what may be
I never thought I'd be gone so long/or that I'd be so far away/But I'm on my way back home to you/And this time...I'm going to stay.

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