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Melissa Moyer

Melissa Moyer

Username: melissamoyer

Melissa Moyer

Username: melissamoyer
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  • Impossible Kings Song 2
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Momma you’re fading fast these days, I know you loved me in so many different ways
You see that picture was me when I was a young man and now we are older but i still love you
Today you forgot my name, you forgot our first date, soon you’ll forget this old place we built together.
Your daddy was always number one but here I am holding you as we reminisce
It was like yesterday the two of you were laughing like nothing would change
I’ve never known heartache like this before, It’s hard to breathe sometimes i just hope I can make through another day
Look up at the stars they shine so bright, don’t you know it’s God’s love shining through the darkness of night.
Look up at the stars they shine so bright, don’t you know it’s God’s love shown in the light?
Look up at the stars they shine so bright, we can say it is just Gods love shown in the sky.
Don’t stop talking, just start walking to me today we can start helping others who feel this way.
holidays, and birthdays with those you love will never be the same no one will hear you sing with you not there
Those times you laugh so hard you cry, the moment he asks will you be mine forever, the day she tells you that the two of you will soon be three.
If you go, you won’t see how beautiful life can be, you won’t see how strong you really are. If you go you won’t really see who you can be
We don’t have to talk about what’s wrong, just give me your hand and we’ll figure this out together, just one step away from the edge is all I ask
Just one step is all it takes to find peace, just one step to find clarity, put down the fear, put down the depression, put down the anger
Don’t let go, hold on tight Even in this darkest just put up the fight of your life and fly
I’m begging you pleading hoping that you’ll just hold on, hold on with all your might I know that storm has been brewing every night but just please hold on for me.
I know it’s a long shot, but do you feel like you are the only one who feels this way? If so let’s continue on this side of the ledge.
I hope I’m not too late, just keep fighting, keep holding onto that ledge you’re standing on.
I know we haven’t known each other long, but if you’re willing to tell what is it that’s so wrong. I’ll listen.
I know you’ve been planning this for a while, but will you hold on just a little longer?
There’s so much I want to say, but that’s not what you need.
When you are alone the rain falling down, know that you are never alone, you are worth it
Just know I have been where you are. I’m here to listen. I’m here to pull you up.
When you think no one hears you, when you think life’s not worth living.

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