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Previous lyric typo: ...Well THERE’S a promised land....
You say, I’m never gonna change your mind/Well there a promised land and olive branch in one soft hand, so bold
You say, I’m never gonna change your mind?/ Flip the coin, the tail’s an oak, I’ll meet you there at 9.
Title suggestion: Liberty Coin
Yeah, passion’s high/ ain’t quite the same as ride or die
Crazy love can be a high/though ain’t the same as ride or die
We tested ride or die / and I learned, for sure, what I cannot do without/ - a partner on my side.
We tested ride or die, And I learned, for sure, what I cannot do without: a partner on my side.
Fingers twine like yours are mine/as a glow [or: your glow] replaces night
Fingers twine like yours are mine/glow replaces night
Why is it so easy now? Yeah! Let’s not say a word/ Meet you on the threshold, where existence starts to curve
Just to hear: “husband”/ spoken from your lips/ is the sweetest word, I ever heard/
Just to hear: “husband”/ spoken from your lips/ is the sexiest word I ever heard/ Babe, you are...
Met you in a rainstorm, I offered my umbrella/ You raised your eyes: and butterflies! I TRIED TO play it off.
Found you in the lamplight, in a pool of Tiffany glow; your coat was soaked, we made some jokes, borrowed my umbrella.
Can we rise without scraping dreams off our plate, and just get to it; just LIVE... unprepared, un-prefaced, and effortlessly? Shoulders back and dance in hat into the new world!
The crying winds unwind in Truth as storms come to an end; oceans recede with humbled gulps like testifying men.
Freedom, healing, self-love... Wow! How do I remember? - Like storing pictures in the cloud, it comes back when you surrender.
You say you're alienated, from them and her and him. You keep your eyes averted, in the shadow of a brim.
Gray and blues and morning moon accompany him; and left and right, the hills, like the Comforter I nestle into, enfold him.
Over and under the tule fog; maneuvering, with dignity, the low-lying static; encased in bass, and the glow of a winter song.
The twilight: a wink and an ushering of the ripening intensity; euphoria and justice, like the insistence of a fenced dog's speech, the throaty pant of cinder-eyed cats, or, my baby's BLAMELESS sense of entitlement.
Becoming talkers; inconspicuos in the crowd of tall grasses, amid the fragrance of comfort that twilight releases;
Sitting under an oak, holding a leaf up to the light; you telling a story of a fearful fawn, and me telling about patience, and posture, as I slip into a worn dancer's shoe;
Sitting back to back, feeling the vibration of our words resonate and echo in the voice of the other;
Eyelashes fling out poetry, and hips sway to a beat; wash your face, and sister see, where your talents meet?...Dance like an angelfish, sing from your fingertips, dream worthwhile in your bed; syncopate rhythms with the roof of your mouth, and blow bubbles released from your head!
Fred shakes hands with The Future, (gingerly whirling and snapping; clinging to the lining of time)... One glove reaching to catch her.
Cheek to cheek, the magician draws her in; static electricity hooks hairs on the peach, SOFT.... water drips from her chin.

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