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Elyse Walker

Elyse Walker

Username: Lysybug

Elyse Walker

Username: Lysybug


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  • Eric Stuart
Though the road may be rough, though the future we can't see/There is calm after the storm, so come along with me
Forever by my side, you're my pal through thick and thin/United in this fight, there's no battle we can't win
We can win this fight, so come, let's stand together/We'll step into the light, brave the stormy weather.
Your soul is weary, heart is blue/but here's one thing I know is true
You said you wished it was a dream/That life dealt you a losing hand/But things are never as they seem/Is what I've come to understand
You were always by my side when I was on my own/So know that I am here for you and you are not alone.

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