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Username: Kellen sunday

Kellen sunday

Username: Kellen sunday
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  • Impossible Kings Song 2
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I'll stay with you when you feel worthless, Rock bottom never felt so perfect. Your love is hurting me, but the pain is worth it. I keep falling on purpose
Block out the sun with your hand once more. You lift me up from the floor. Like a father and daughter, I was underwater you put me back on shore. Don't be unsure.
Cold on the ground some nights. But we'll grow like flowers in sunlight. When we're underwater ,swim. Be my light when it's getting dim.
If I lost everything, felt empty like this bottle in front of me. And the sun hides from me today, tomorrow isn't promising. If they take it all from me. As long as I close my eyes, and you're all I see.......ok. That's all I need anyway.
Under Dark clouds and black skies tonight, I'm the one underwater this time. You brought my back from the depths of life. Chemicals rushing through us ,you lift me up so high.
When Darkness becomes me, I'm blind and like mimes I can't speak. Your bright light shines upon me,the language your body is gonna teach. Just don't let me drown if it's too deep.
The crowd gasps at the flashing lights in the distance/ but where would they be without resistance. Buildings burning like sunsets on fire/ but they don't speak and we don't listen
Fight with me, if they get me. The molotov explodes with gasoline and whiskey/ it hit me. Even if we're locked up at fifty. Would you risk it or miss me?
Let's close our eyes and count to three, I feel strongest when you count on me, hold me in the wreckage, leave me breathless.

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