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  • Guitar Legend Gary Lucas
  • Jill Sobule!
  • Alex Boyé
Heatwaves shimmer in the setting sun Wild rag 'round my neck, hand on my sixgun
Kickin' up dust behind me as I go No pardon for a heartless desperado
Sunburnt wind whips across my skin The consequence of a life condemned
3rd Theme Submission: Brewcation. All the things that happened with beer/alcohol get mixed with vacation adventures
my 2nd Theme Submission for a Musical: "Every Four Bars," which could play on the ideas of drinking, musical bars, and chord progressions.
Title Idea for Musical = "Bible Thumper" - it's about a preacher who plays music and has uproarious services and maybe even a little irreverent?
And all of us who love you will never turn away
What you're thinking now is not a fact about your worth It's a feeling that will go away so let me help you with your hurt

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