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So I'm going to do what I have to / To Move On
This is a QUESTION, not a line. IF this song is for musiccares, then shouldn't the topic be something about recovery, and not getting over someone? If it's about recovery, then DDubs' line with the word "lines" in it could be a double entendre - first meaning = lines (words) that used to bring us down and 2nd meaning = doing coke lines brought you down - that's what made things get worse. So that could lead to a chorus hook around the idea of getting over pain not by drugs or alcohol but by loving yourself?
Sun-kissed sands blow across the desert dunes
Heatwaves shimmer in the setting sun Wild rag 'round my neck, hand on my sixgun
Kickin' up dust behind me as I go No pardon for a heartless desperado
Sunburnt wind whips across my skin The consequence of a life condemned
3rd Theme Submission: Brewcation. All the things that happened with beer/alcohol get mixed with vacation adventures
my 2nd Theme Submission for a Musical: "Every Four Bars," which could play on the ideas of drinking, musical bars, and chord progressions.
Title Idea for Musical = "Bible Thumper" - it's about a preacher who plays music and has uproarious services and maybe even a little irreverent?
And all of us who love you will never turn away
What you're thinking now is not a fact about your worth It's a feeling that will go away so let me help you with your hurt

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