Joey Stuckey

Username: Joey Stuckey

Band: The Joey Stuckey Band

From: Macon, Georgia

About Me

Joey Stuckey is the Official Music Ambassador of his hometown of Macon, Georgia. Joey spends every moment living life to the fullest and sharing his story and inspirational spirit through his musical performances and speaking engagements. At 18 months of age, Joey was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery with little hope of survival. Though the tumor left Joey blind and with other health challenges, today, he continues to live a successful life of intention in his chosen field of music. Joey is professor of music technology at Mercer University and an official music mentor for the Recording, Radio and Film Connection in Los Angeles as well as an active voting member of the Grammys. He is the owner and senior engineer at Shadow Sound Studio which is a destination recording facility with state of the art analog and digital technology. He has spoken and performed all over the world including at the University College of London, the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame, and the Audio Engineering Society in New York City, just to name a few. In his roles as producer, engineer, recording artist and journalist, he has worked with many musical legends including Trisha Yearwood, Clarence Carter, James Brown, Alan Parsons, Jimmy Hall (from Wet Willie), Danny Seraphin ( from Chicago), and Kevin Kenney (from Drivin’ and Cryin’), and many, many more.

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  • Clay Mills
I lost your love and found my heart; I learned to love myself and make a brand new start

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