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Username: jacobbadamparriera22

Bloody rags

Kingman Arizona
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  • Guitar Legend Gary Lucas
Shunned to the desert plain with all demons that drain you for all your worth what was cursed since day of birth forgiveness is a wish that never receive along native burial ground were the dead won’t sleep for the no good black sheep but when there’s a fork in the road u make a left or a right find the question of life where Jesus forgives u mr Gary for what u did hahaha to the lake of fire u go your unforgiven haha sorry for my bad lyrics kickass song tho Metallica might be pissed off its better than there version but they’ll probably not forgive u Gary u the man and all u lyric winners congratulations if only I had a brain
Forever to be looked down upon on this desert plain I walk this walk of shame through clack canyon to devils cave to hide my fame from being heard or seen again for I’m unforgiven to wait to rob a stage with rage knowing I won’t be forgiven
Your words and action that night will never be forgotten the pain you affected on one will not be unforgiven

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