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  • The Sisterhood
  • Yashi Brown
A blade of grass through the cracks, hope starts to grow, as pick up the pieces of the place we call home
A blade of grass through the cracks, hope starts to grow,
When another morning puts the wreckage in new light, Flashbacks of disaster fill their minds.
I'm picking up the pieces of my shattered heart/ They've been spread across the floor for far too long.
I'm finally breaking through the grey walls of isolation, For the world to hear my voice and to escape the conformation.
The light inside my heart had become a tiny ember, But you revived the fire and I'm starting to remember. What the world looked like before my sight was blurred by all the fears, My dreams regain their colour now that relief is drawing near.
The heaviness of your heart keeps you stuck on the ground/ Your words fall flat in this world full of sound/
My troubled mind is clearing, as I let go of my fears Despite the long road that's before me, I see a sunrise through my tears.
Courage and strength, growing inside/awaiting the time when I don't have to fight
I see a troubled soul, stuck behind your eyes/ A secret you're desperately trying to hide/ I'll help you speak up, though I know that you're scared/ 'Cause when it's out in the open the hurt can be shared.
Captured by a tunnel vision/ Without a light at the end. Blindly stumbling through this world/ Looking for a friend.

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