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Thoughts in my head running around need them to relax and just calm down.
Look in to their eyes and you'll see that they are tired
When your lovely voice comes softly through the wind I'll open my arms wide and say welcome home my friend
he world is turned upside down, don't know if we need to shake it up to bring us all around. Peace and love is not that hard to do, we all come together and we just might make it through.
You've heard these words one to many times/ Is her love real or is she just wasting your time.
I shut out the sound's she's saying to me/ Telling her I forgive her but I have to be free. Goodbye is a hard word to say/ But maybe we will meet another day. Remember I forgive you now please forgive me as baby I gotta go and long to be free
Just when you think you can finally move on/ she says I love you like a softly sung song

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