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Tears fill my eyes I when think of days gone by. / We'd share our dreams in bed at night. / Just being together brought joy to life. / I guess your dreams are what feels right. / But I can't give up. I'll stand and fight.
That's what I need you to see. Love me like it hurts, or baby set me free.
The answer is clear now, and if you and I are all wrong. If you come home to "love" me, I just might be gone.
Tonight we'll sleep together, but I'll wake up all alone.
And when I touch you, I feel nothing inside.
Dreams can turn into nightmares when love is just an affair.
Do you ever see me? Or, has your love been a lie?
Someday soon you'll come to see exactly what you've done to me.
So I'm gonna spit you out, baby leave no doubt. I'll purge you from my mind, body, and soul.
But like the son of a witch, you were more trick than treat.
Felt so good, wish I'd known the truth
Fooled me. All that bling. Wrapped me in exotic jewels.
Underneath, nothing. Just an empty brute.
You were my 'Blank Space' / why did you quit?
Be(cause) unlike you I can't get over / that you've become my next ex-lover
I'll endure the pain / Get up again / And will fight through / What you / have done to me
Please take my hand. Give me reasons to live. Tell me I'm the one you'll always need.
Let me step in this tomb. Let me drown in my tears. I'm finally giving up after all these years. I gave you my love. I gave you my hand. But bury me now - way down deep in the sand. Go get your broom. Sweep me away. If we ever meet up, you'll be sure to pay.
I trusted you. / I ... trusted you. / I trusted ... you?

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