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  • The Holidays with CTD's Brad Roberts
So THAT is the story of POOR Santa Clause/ You DON’T have to LIKE it, but THAT'S what it WAS!
Poor Santa didn’t know what he should think / Was that him, standing there? He frowned and he blinked
His cheeks were both red, but his nose not quite so / He was slim and his belly had had no time to grow
Now perhaps it was something that was in the Vermouth / Or the fact that the gin was a hundred-plus proof / But suddenly Santa appeared in his youth!
Let’s drink to the Christmases past in your life / To the day’s of your youth, when you had not a wife
Then, taking a shaker and a bottle of gin / He poured Santa a drink, and he gave it to him
It’s Christmas not Easter, old Santa Claus huffed / The old man, thought the Bunny, is looking pretty rough!
Then from inside the box rose two long fluffy ears / A Bunny emerged to applause, and to cheers!
Now the elves gathered round and stared on at the scene / There was Santa, the drone, and the thing in between

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